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East Valley Termite has an excellent and helpful team of people! Lee and Candace always answer the phones promptly and are responsive to needs! Their technicians are knowledgeable and helpful. Will helped me and he was great! Very easy to work with!"

Rich M. 

East Valley Termite returns calls promptly. They are very professional and helpful. They are on time and their products are very effective. Their treatment lasts!

I have been in the real estate business for over 40 years, and East Valley has always been a wonderful company to work with. East Valley shows up for appointments on time, their reports are sent out promptly, and if there is a problem the company takes care of it. Most of the "Old Time Realtors" in our area have used East Valley for years. If they were not one of the best we wouldn't stay with them year after year.

Chuck D. 

Took their time to go through the property and inspect thoroughly. Would definitely recommend them!

Thank you Todd Craven for the professionalism and integrity you showed in your inspection. I was very happy with this company and with Todd. He was thorough with his inspection and informative afterwards. Glad we used this company I would recommend them to all new homebuyers in the area.

Justin F

Great response from start finish. Chris performed a pest inspection and the inspection was very thorough. He inspected everything: interior and exterior, under the house, inside sink cabinets, tested fixtures/pipes for leaks, and checked to ensure toilets properly secured. Will definitely call them any time I need an inspection done. 

David R

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